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Hello dear guests of the page:) My name is Celena Starlight and I am professional astropsychologist with right to consult people. I graduated school of knowledge of modern times "Merkaba" in 2020 which helped me tremendously to improve quality of life and here i am to share this knowledge with you. This webpage was created with the aim of helping those who are searching for an optimal path towards happiness, wellness, harmonious relationships, ideal career that suits your personality type as well as improving all areas of life. My job requires a lot of responsibility because I help people change their destiny by teaching how to read the foreign language of heavenly origin. I work with different instruments but to be more specific I decode your Soul Formula. What is your true predestination? It took me a long time and lots of trials and errors to be made before I found answers to multiple questions and actually made significant changes, upgrading all areas of life .I have keys that will open the treasure chest of your own resources you had no idea you had all along as soon as you entered this world. The date of birth is a code you receive that has its imprint on your life and here I am to help you decode it. If it resonates you are welcome to join me on a one way journey towards love, prosperity and well being.

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